Independent Med

About Us

#1 Medical Equipment Supplier in United States.

Our founder, Lonnie Dorcey, has a passion for families and their loved ones facing end-of-life care and that passion is what ultimately led him to start our company in January 2013. When Lonnie started IME he wanted to create a unique process driven company that would eventually be the industry leader in both services and products. We believe that we have accomplished both visons because of Lonnie’s leadership.


Since We were Founded

When Lonnie started IME he brought an extensive amount of knowledge and knowhow to our leadership team as he was able to share his personal experiences from the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch (CINN), his years as a regional manager for a large national healthcare and physical therapy management company, and his ownership experience as an equity partner in a national physical therapy consulting company assisting physicians open and operate their own private physical therapy clinics under STARK.

Lonnie is a proud graduate of both Florida International University where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physical Therapy and Auburn University where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis in healthcare management.

Our success over the years is because of Lonnie’s dedicated leadership and his passion for the Hospice industry. Although at IME we provide many different services, our primary goal is to always work closely with the dedicated medical staff, the patients and their families to provide the highest level of customer support to help make the last days of a loved one’s life as meaningful as possible.